AfrikaTech went to discover Moussou DIAKITE, entrepreneur and founder of Nappy N’ko, platform dedicated to the sale and promotion of natural and organic hair products for black and mixed women.


Introduce yourself and your profil (briefly)

My name is Moussou DIAKITE, I am the creator of, a network and a platform dedicated to the sale and promotion of natural and organic hair products for black and mixed women.

Regarding my background, I have a Master 2 in Entrepreneurship at INSEEC Paris and I am certified Laboratory Technician for the development of natural cosmetics. I had professional experiences in marketing, communication and the web, especially at eBay Commerce Network and at JAS in Malaysia, which allowed me to develop my expertise. I have also been active in various associations working for education and entrepreneurship in Africa.

What is your project and its mission?

Nappy N’ko is a platform for the sale of hair products and the 1st home sales network dedicated to frizzy curly and wavy hair.
At you will find famous specialist brands, French designer brands, cosmetic ingredients, all for a beauty that combines nature, tradition and modernity. Also, through its network Nappy N’ko offers workshops at home to advise you in the best and user-friendliness.

The goal is to provide skin and hair-friendly cosmetics and to help women maintain their hair on a daily basis. So, that contribute to the development of entrepreneurship by allowing other women to embark on cosmetics with the necessary tools.

What is the problem solved by Nappy N’ko?

We address two issues:

1. There is a lack of clarity in alternative cosmetics for black, matte and mixed skin in France. We find on the market very harmful products for the skin and the hair. Indeed, an American study of the Journal of Epidemiology shows since January 2012 that the relaxer would cause uterine fibroids. And also, the depigmentation of the skin persists. As for the one, who wish to remain natural, they find themselves confronted with a lack of explanation and knowledge about their skins or hair and methods of using the products to obtain an effective result. Our goal is to promote healthier cosmetics, authentic French and African brands, as well as give advice.
2. With the experience of, we realized that many African women or African origins were embarking on the field of hairdressing and / or natural cosmetics (Shea, etc.), in order to create their activities and to derive an income. However, these activities are often carried out in informal ways and / or, these women are not or little trained to the job. With the Nappy N’ko Ambassador program, we allow other women to embark on beauty with tools and training.

What is the business model ?

Online sales and direct sales

How did you get the idea to start your business?
I had the idea when I was a student during an internship in the USA, there was a real gape in terms of hair care products offers and also from my experience because I decided to stop the hair straightening in 2008 and at that time there was not much information or product offers. That’s why after my master I decided to start.

Can you introduce your team?

At the team level, I am alone and surround myself with partners on different skills. In addition, Nappy N’ko has a board that consists of 3 experts in Cosmetics, Direct Sales, and Start-up respectively E. Soudant, A. Valensi, L. Birikundavyi. And I work with different partners in communication, administrative, web development.

What are the next steps ?

The next steps are to continue developing the platform, to offer new features for both customers and ambassadors and to improve our product offering. Also, we continue to recruit ambassadors.

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

Today the main needs are financial and technical. I am looking for investors to carry out the development of the company as well as a technical partner. The Afrikatech community can help us in this way!

What are the contacts of the company?
Tel: 06 95 41 01 43

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