It is in the presence of many students from the Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry that the Prime Minister Head of Government Mamady Youla, in the company of some members of the Government and several other personalities from the world of ICTs, proceeded this Wednesday 19 April at the launch of the National Digital Week which will be held until next Saturday April 22.

This second edition of the national digital entrepreneurship week aims to make digital technology available to local communities to create smart cities. During this second edition, several important themes will be including female entrepreneurship in the digital sector, the business opportunity in the digital economy in Guinea, Smart Guinea, the use of ICTs to improve economic and social governance, ICTs in education and training systems, the incubation mechanism for startups in the ICT sector as well as the issue of taxation in the Digital Economy.

To welcome the illustrious guests who came for the occasion, the rector of Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry affirmed that the digital week will help establish a real dynamic to promote ICTs towards job creation and economic development. Then he also indicated that this week will allow to train young people so that they participate in the development of our country, because, he said, the development of a country requires a well-trained youth. Before handing over the lectern, the Rector welcomed all the guests and invited the students to more attendance during these four days.

Associated with this digital event, the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (APIP) provided substantial support for the organization of this digital week. Gabriel Curtis Director General of APIP explained that he has partnered with the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy to support the best initiatives. For him, this is a project that aims to realize the aspirations of the President of the Republic Alpha Condé who wants to make Guinea an emerging country through the provision and mastery of ICTs. Describing the digital week, Gabriel Curtis said that it is a set of projects and activities proposed by young people aged 30 to 35 that will be exhibited because, according to him, ICTs are now part of the growth levers in addition to other sectors such as mining and agriculture that must be taken into account.

A true pioneer of this project, Mr. Moustapha Mamy Diaby Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, for his part presented ICTs as a real spearhead of all other sectors of socio-economic life, since according to him, life would be very difficult to imagine without ICTs. For him, their use is a real added value. During this week, he said, young entrepreneurs will be face to face to offer solutions to the problems of local communities before finishing his intervention, he reiterated that the Guinean economy has turned to digital to benefit from the contribution of ICTs capable of better helping other sectors in order to strengthen the Guinean economy.

Presiding the opening of the work of this second edition of the National Digital Week, Prime Minister Head of Government Mamady Youla expressed the will of his Government to give pride of place to Information and Communication Technologies. communication, and the digital economy which is at the center of his government’s priorities as a catalyst for other socio-economic sectors. For him, CA Technologies are nowadays tools to improve training cycles, health services, business transactions, administration and safety.

By organizing this second edition of the National Digital Week, Prime Minister Mamady Youla indicated that it is an opportunity for all of us to appropriate the opportunities and potential offered by this ecosystem of Information and Communication Technologies. . For this, the Guinean Government wants to promote the use of the tools of the digital ecosystem to carry projects at the service of the general interest, the common good, solidarity and good governance, he explains.

Speaking of Guinea’s commitment to the Smart Africa alliance and the will of the Head of State and the government to positively transform our economies and our societies, to strengthen the institutional and human capacities of States, to seize the related opportunities technologies and innovation, the Prime Minister urged everyone to think Smart and act Smart to build within and around us responsible communities and an environment conducive to well-being. Before concluding her remarks, Mamady Youla reminded participants that the Government expects from the different panels and sessions for the development of applications and content, contributions aimed at improving its services to the population and applications to support the various economic sectors.

This second edition of the digital week will end on Saturday April 22 with the hope that the will of the government, that of seeing several projects of young people result from it to make the digital economy a real lever of growth, to improve attractiveness. of Guinea and promote innovation and the use of ICTs for all.

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