From July 10 to 15, 2017 Senegal will host twenty startups from six French-speaking African countries for a week of immersion and intensive training at CTIC Dakar.

Their common point is the concern to put information and communication technologies at the service of the problems of the economic and social development of the continent through health, agriculture, education and of course high-value products. added.

These entrepreneurs from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo and Senegal were selected under the Jambar Tech Lab program funded by InfoDev, the World Bank, Sonatel, Norad and AIDS.

Coordinated by the CTIC Dakar incubator, “this program aims to promote and boost digital products in West and Central Africa. Its objective is to select and expose the continent’s new elite of tech entrepreneurs, to develop a range of digital products with high potential that can be replicated in other countries, to improve access to finance for entrepreneurs and above all, to create a large African network of entrepreneurs, business developers and investors. “, Said Amy NDIAYE, Program Officer at ICTC, during a press conference.

The aim of the call for applications launched last November was to select twenty entrepreneurs to support individually for six months after a week of intensive training in Dakar.

It was necessary to choose those who already had a prototype. Otherwise, those who were looking for growth. In addition, there was a need for a product that could be replicated anywhere else on the continent and that would experience annual growth of between 15 and 20% over five years.

“The vision of this Pan-African program is first of all to set up at least five business developers. Then, it is to create an African network of entrepreneurs in order to give them access to a regional market. It is a program that will allow entrepreneurs to benefit from capacity building through mentoring and training workshops. In addition to that, they will have access to equipped premises. “

112 applications from 15 countries were received. Thus, 20 entrepreneurs were selected on the basis of market size, consideration of competition, novelty, business model, product value proposition, financial model, organizational capacity and profiles of different Members of the team.

As a result, they are considered to be the most persistent “warriors” in the African ICT entrepreneurial landscape.

A true pan-African ICT accelerator, the Jambar Tech Lab mobilizes considerable resources, between quality infrastructure and excellent training, to make the new generation of African ICT entrepreneurs a lever for continental development.

These entrepreneurs constitute the first cohort of this program which will be, for them, a springboard towards profitability, growth and African and even international expansion.

Who are the 20 laureates?

WORK’D, Ivory Coast

WORK’D is adapting our traditional games to digital format to give them a new life as they are disappearing in the face of these many gaming applications.


Nkeleo, Togo

Project of Geek Nation, a team of developers and designers, Nkeleo brings innovation to the daily life of this beta African. “All the events around you, gathered in one place. ”

Dashmake, Togo

Dashmake makes it possible to present, solicit and call to action. It is a geolocation and claims management computer system for rapid support of victims.

Afri Tech Hub, Togo

Afri Tech Hub is a platform and marketplace for African innovations and success stories. Its main objective is to invest in human capital and innovations in order to create more value in Africa and elsewhere.

BIFASOR, Burkina Faso


Afri Tech Hub is a platform and marketplace for African innovations and success stories. Its main objective is to invest in human capital and innovations in order to create more value in Africa and elsewhere.

BIFASOR, Burkina Faso

Its objective is to lead actions to help the development of communities in difficulty in a process of solidarity and empowerment. To do this, it addresses technological solutions and innovative systems to agricultural producers in order to improve their productivity.

Camerdoc, Cameroon

It provides the population with the agenda of specialist and general practitioners. Camerdoc offers you fast and reliable service, with an easy-to-use 24-hour interface.

GiftedMam, Cameroon

Pregnant women and new mothers in developing countries are often excluded from access to health care. GiftedMam is a mobile application for medical advice and monitoring which fills this gap.

A payment infrastructure, Cameroon

“A payment infrastructure to optimize, accelerate speed and halve the cost of fund transactions, cross-border commercial and interbank payments. ”

Monetbil, Cameroon

It is a fast and secure method of payment available to e-merchants, application developers and businesses to sell their products and services online.

An integrated management IT platform, ground floor

This solution for modernizing school management ensures educational monitoring, management of school fees and the relationship between parent and school through an integrated management IT platform.

Elmadeal, Senegal

It is the first platform for making beauty and well-being appointments in Senegal. Elmadeal gives you the opportunity to make a choice that suits you thanks to its detailed sheets of institutes, treatments, photos and customer reviews.

Andando, Senegal

Carpool application, Andando is an opportunity to reduce excessive greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of cars on the roads.

With this application everyone will have the opportunity to make substantial savings by sharing their travel expenses with carpoolers.

Karangue, Senegal

Karangue helps reduce maternal and infant mortality by sending alerts, in audio and text to remind you of vaccination appointments and pre- and post-natal visits. This app also provides periodic health tips.

Yes CARRY, Senegal

It is a delivery service that links French merchant websites and Senegalese consumers. It combines transport, customs clearance and home delivery to provide you with the best rates.

MLouma, Senegal

MLouma is a web and mobile service dedicated to actors in the agricultural sector. This virtual agricultural exchange provides producers and agro-food industries with information on prices and availability of products in real time throughout the territory.

MaTontine, Senegal


MaTontine is digitizing traditional savings circles (tontines) in Africa and beyond, in order to promote access to financial services such as small loans to the poorest.

E-Yone, Senegal

It is a software publisher whose flagship product is E-YONE medical. The interconnected system and the medical passport allow patients to have their computerized and updated record at all times. The Medical IS allows the computerization of the activities of clinics, hospitals, practices, insurance and pharmacies.

CartaLink, Senegal


Cartalink allows you to automate, secure and track. It is an IT management tool for companies: refining methods for managing payment flows, customer loyalty, ticketing and tracking.

GIGA from Senegal

Giga offers companies quality expertise and innovations tailored to each of them. Its objective is to create an optimal business environment and participate in placing Senegal on the highest growth path by exploiting the country’s comparative advantages.

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