Marième Mbaye de Green Wash winner of the 2nd edition of the Great Entrepreneur

Boubacar Diallo

Marième MBaye won the second edition of the Great Entrepreneur, a competition organized by the British Embassy in Senegal in partnership with the British Council and which brought together around 20 entrepreneurs. At the end of the competition, Marième Mbaye was the grand winner.

The entrepreneur presented the Green Wash project specializing in the ecological cleaning of vehicles and textile surfaces without water.

Marième wants to reinvent the way of cleaning vehicles in Africa with its Green Wash Africa project

Through this project, one of the bosses of Atlantis Group, a Senegalese group specializing in urban display on LED screens, wants to reduce the waste of water during vehicle cleaning sessions.

The objective is also to participate in the protection of the environment, to enhance the profession of car cleaner by training Green Washer, while increasing the environmental awareness of the populations.

Marième Mbaye, who was in competition with 5 other entrepreneurs, received a check for 10,000,000 FCFA with the trophy for Season 2

The second prize was awarded to Dieynaba Badiane considered as the Queen of combustible mushrooms in Ziguinchor.

Dieyna Badiane edible mushroom a ziguinchor great entrepreneur

The president of Casa Alimentaire, based in the department of Bignona, in Ziguinchor, wants to contribute to the integration of mushrooms in Senegalese cuisine and push the population towards the consumption of natural and local products, thereby offering employment opportunities to disabled in his region. Its goal is to be the leader in Senegal in the production and sale of edible mushrooms.

She received a check for 2,500,000 FCFA plus a Business Pack offered by Orange worth two million FCFA.


The third prize went to another beating woman. Her name is Fatou Sall Ndiaye from the Diourbel Region. Ms. Ndiaye was a finalist in the Great Entrepreneur competition with her MPPA (Modernization of Peanut Paste Production) project.

Its objective is to modernize and mechanize the production of peanut paste at the local level, export and develop Senegalese peanut paste abroad, create jobs in the Diourbel region. She received the sum of 1.5 Million to finance her project

The other two winners are two projects that evolve in E-commerce. These are Oui Carry and ShopMeAway. Two structures managed by two young entrepreneurs.


Yes Carry is gaining more and more ground, thus allowing all Senegalese to be able to buy products from Europe by facilitating transport and logistics. The startup of Youssou Ndiaye intends to impose itself in Senegal by offering to its customers the possibility of having access to all E-commerce sites in the world. With its 4th prize Yes Carry received a pack of Enablis with one year of mentoring.

Led by Racine Sarr, Shopmeway, wants to increase the exports of Senegalese artisans while facilitating the transport and purchase of goods to Senegal. In fifth place, Racine will travel to the United Kingdom to represent the British Council Senegal at a conference with the other winners from other countries.


Basile Niane, Socialnetlink

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