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Created in April 2015, Koura is an association whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among young people in Burkina Faso. It was set up by a group of young people composed of lawyers, communicators, computer graphics and even a future doctor, all a little geek, passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, lover of ICT and concerned about the emergence of Burkina Faso.

What do we plan to do?

This year, we are launching the “KOURA BOOTCAMP” project, a 3-day event designed to focus on entrepreneurship and engage young people around the issues that undermine the daily lives of populations so that they offer innovative solutions.

The objective will be:

* Promote entrepreneurship among young people and inspire participants by getting them to have a better knowledge of the business world through an exchange of experience with the resource people present.

* Test participants’ ability to work, adapt and innovate in different contexts.

* Breaking the barrier separating business leaders and young people, players in the economic world of tomorrow.

To carry out this event, we were able to get in touch with certain actors from the academic, entrepreneurial, development, finance and emerging startup ecosystem in Burkina Faso. The goal for us is to remind young people of their potential as well as their role in the economic development of their nation, through two elements: Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

What motivates us to realize this event?

Africa is on the move, it is a fact. Burkina Faso must take the bandwagon and this requires the contribution of each actor in the economic fabric, in particular the youth, which is a real driving force hiding within it an enormous innovative potential, but unfortunately too badly exploited.

In a country where education, health, agriculture and the economy are priorities, equipping and supporting its young people will enable them to find innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Our goal is to detect these young Burkinabé innovators who can revolutionize things, through our KOURA BOOTCAMP event in order to know their aspirations, understand their solutions and their difficulties in order to support them for the realization of their dreams!

How are we going to do it?

– By creating an event where we will bring together the different players in the Burkinabé economy and by stimulating the creative potential of young people.

– By relaying this experience on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube…) and via our partner media,

– By following very closely the young people who will stand out and making their innovative business projects a reality.

– Through the construction of a strong community around entrepreneurship and innovation.

– Through the realization of a reality TV.

What is the program planned?

Who are we ?

* Haroun Yasser SANGARE, computer graphics designer in Ouagadougou, I am Co-founder and President of the KOURA Association. I am passionate about design, entrepreneurship, technological innovations and Start-Up ecosystems around the world with particular attention to those in Africa.

* Landry Filiga OUEDRAOGO, law student, I am Co-founder and Secretary General of the KOURA Association. I am a real idea factory, always on the lookout for solutions that work and that can improve the daily life of Burkinabé.

* Irénée NANA, Biochemistry student, I am Co-founder and Secretary in charge of finance of the KOURA Association. I’m a potential geek and an entrepreneur at heart.

* Habibata SANFO, Student in business communication, I am Co-founder and Secretary in charge of communication and partnerships for the KOURA Association. I am a big fan of the success stories that I share around me to make young people in Burkina Faso understand that they too can write their odyssey.

* Cédric AITCHEDJI, student in business law, I am Co-founder and in charge of project development for the KOURA Association. I am a confirmed geek, passionate about NTIC and also a gourmet.

What will the collection be used for?

Participation in the KOURA BOOTCAMP is free. And we want to. This is important for an event open to all young people!

But unfortunately, money remains essential to organize such an event (3 days, full of volunteers, 500 participants, a dozen speakers!)

And the few funds that we were able to receive, in addition to the incredible energy of all the volunteers involved in the event, are not enough to make up the budget. For the event to run as smoothly as possible, a little more funds will be needed… This is why we are launching this collection today!

Our budget takes into account, among other things, the rental of the conference room, but also the creation of a televised film to synthesize the event.

So we need you to make this great adventure a reality and help us balance our budget.

The graph below shows you how the amount raised (2593 euros) via this crowdfunding campaign will be used:

To make this event memorable and worthy of interest, we will have to provide a framework in which the youth of Burkina can fully express its potential and make its contribution to the development of our country through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Your contributions will allow us to bring real influence to the project.

If we manage to raise more than the 2593 euros, part of the amount will be used to finance the 5 best projects from the final competition and the other will be used to monitor and evaluate their projects until their maturity and deployment on the market.


Our mission: to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among young Burkinabés, support them in their will to change the game and change the status quo. We create a synergy between: young people, entrepreneurs, universities, administration, small medium and large companies, NGOs, development structures,… See more

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