Victorine Sarr, is a young Senegalese woman, after having capitalized several years of experience with two industry giants Apple Inc. and L’Oréal, chose to return to Senegal to create Lyvv Cosmetics, a company specializing in the production of cosmetic products for black and mixed skin.

After completing her secondary cycle in Senegal, Victorine did her graduate studies in France and the United States, where she graduated respectively in marketing at ISG Paris and in management and corporate finance at St Jones University (New York).

Following these studies, she started her career as a Business Specialist then Store Manager at Apple (Paris and Dakar), then as Sales & Marketing Manager at Valdafrique (former distributor of L’Oréal in Senegal). On the strength of all these experiences, Victorine chose to return to Senegal to launch Lyvv Cosmetics.

Created in 2015 Lyvv Comestics is a company producing cosmetic products specially designed for black and mixed skin. Lyvv offers a full range of a wide variety of shades for all black and mixed skin types. We find in its range of products such as foundations, powders, blushes, and obviously lipsticks… But also accessories such as brushes and the whole panoply to perfect your make-up. Victorine’s ambition was to create a Beauty Compagny. “I chose to start by launching a make-up line because it is the fastest growing segment in cosmetics, because African women have a sense of taste,” she said in an interview.

Held by this great inspiring woman, Lyvv Cosmetics is now enjoying real success in many countries such as the United States, France, South Africa and of course in Senegal, the country of its origins. Great experiences are shaping up for her Lyvv Cosmétics brand, which she intends to expand to the four corners of the world.

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