A B2B platform to facilitate international trade in Africa via an online website, this is the challenge that WaystoCap has taken up. Indeed, this platform is a way to buy and sell products through an affordable process. Be part of the digital market; this is the goal of WaystoCap, by enabling merchants to manage their financing, find competitive products and secure shipping and payments.

WaystoCap is a Casablanca-based platform dedicated to facilitating B2B operations via a digital platform specializing in international trade. It is a way to help African traders and businesses to buy and sell products via the Internet. Founded by Niama El Bassunie, a young entrepreneur graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, who worked as a senior partner for the audit firm PwC, WaystoCap was launched in 2015 in Casablanca with the help two bankers, Mehdi Daoui, director of operations and Anis Abdeddine, director of sales. Aziz Jaouhari Tissafi, currently Technical Director, also joined the founding team.

The main goal of the platform, according to the CEO, is to provide an “ecosystem offering services such as insurance to suppliers, financing to buyers and management of logistics to eliminate inefficiencies”, alongside the sale. and purchase.

In an interview with Entrepreneur Middle East, she admitted that after working for years in international trade and familiarizing herself with the African market in particular, she decided to launch her own digital market. Invested in projects that have engaged sourcing products in Egypt, Turkey, Spain and South Africa, the young woman “developed the possibilities offered to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out, trying to help buyers and sellers in Europe and Africa ”.

The WaystoCap team is now determined to “create a digital market that would meet all the challenges we face and enable businesses in Africa to trade faster, with more security and at lower costs,” adds Niama El Bassunie. With the help of Nic Pantucci, Head of Platform and Growth, the company was able to launch its first operations by facilitating “trade in Africa”.

A platform for African traders

In other words, WaytoCap provides a large network of buyers and sellers who register through the platform to acquire or trade goods with an “average size of 30,000 US dollars” (over 290,000 dirhams). The team, then backed by strategic partners, makes sure the transaction is safe and then “monetizes by charging a commission on a successful transaction,” the newspaper said online.

Niama El Bassunie said their company mainly targets small products such as agricultural products, which are in high demand in the African market. She also insisted that WaystoCap is here to “close the deal” by operating in what international merchants fear most, which is “verifying suppliers and buyers to facilitate financial partners and secure payments.”

As well as being one of the first platforms to focus on international trade in Morocco in such an updated fashion, WaystoCap is the first “Moroccan graduate” of the US-based accelerator program Y combinatory. Today, Niama El Bassunie believes the team is on the right track, as the rise of start-ups in Morocco is now showing significant improvement. She thus highlighted that “the probability of success in a start-up is, by default, very low. We must therefore provide all the tools to increase this probability of success ”.

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