Ecobank sets course for digital

Boubacar Diallo

In Lomé, Ecobank announced the launch of a digital platform supposed to allow customers of the Pan-African banking group to access the entire range of services over the Internet.

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) launched on Thursday June 15 a new digital platform for retail banking, in preview of its 2016 general meeting, organized this Friday at its headquarters in Lomé, Togo.

This initiative, backed by a major campaign called “Go Forward”, aims to offer the full range of Ecobank banking services and offers directly to the Internet to its 11 million customers across the continent.

Adapted to customers’ lifestyles

Led by the Nigerian Patrick Akinwuntan, director of personal banking (Consumer Banking) within ETI, the new digital platform intends to offer “the whole range of accounts grouped by client segments and adapted to the needs and lifestyles of all customers, ”insist the managers of the Pan-African group.

Via this online platform, Ecobank customers in the 33 African countries where the group operates will be able to monitor their accounts and carry out their current operations (transfers, subscriptions to services, etc.) via a dedicated online space, accessible also from their mobile phone.

No more queues

“Until a few years ago, everything was done on paper. It was slow. Distributors were very few. Checks, bank drafts and long queues were a daily part of customers, “said Ade Ayeyemi, chief executive of the Ecobank group.

With its new platform, the Pan-African group is taking the digital turning point and wants to adapt to the new lifestyles of African populations, who are becoming more and more addicted to innovative technologies and now wish to carry out all their operations online or on their mobile.


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