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Africa is known for its immense natural resources: 97% of world copper reserves, 80% of those of coltan, 57% of gold, 23% of uranium and phosphate, 60% of those However, one rarely quotes his greatest wealth: his youth and his thirst to start a business. In fact, young people under 25 represent more than 50% of the continent’s 1.3 billion inhabitants.

With the arrival of information and communication technologies (mobile, Internet, social networks) and success stories of young entrepreneurs, we are witnessing a new revolution, that of entrepreneurship.

AfrikaTech tries to gather all information and initiatives to undertake in Africa, Europe and North America. Advice on entrepreneurship, business ideas, search for financing, franchise development, legal aspects, where to find incubators, spaces for co-workings. To enable entrepreneurs to seize business opportunities in all areas: Agriculture, Health, Education, Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Telecom, Transport, Tourism. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.

Les Applications mobiles made in Mali

Mobile Applications in Mali

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Why Choose an Android Phone

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